Focus on English specialises in teaching Social English that prepares students for everyday situations and Business English used at a workplace as well as outside a typical business environment.

Having a personal English teacher is a great option for people who need English for work to communicate with their bosses, business partners or customers.

Focus on English staff members can effectively teach English to students who have not had much experience in English learning. Our classes combine acquiring general knowledge (vocabulary and grammar) with practising social skills for effective communication.

Classes are held in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, with no more than five students per class.

Focus on English teachers use books by the most renowned English coursebook publishers: Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

Our goal is for our students to start communicating in English as soon as possible.

In the staff recruitment process, we select only highly professional English teachers with great social skills.

Borys Klecha
Executive Director
Focus on English Konsulting Językowy